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Beth is a lady I met a couple of years ago when my husband and I joined and became members of our local church. She has this energy about her that draws you in and I don’t think she even knows it. The first time I heard a snippet of her story was when Beth taught a ladies, bible study by Lysa Terkeurst on motherhood called “Unglued”. Beth shared with us her testimony on how she discovered her addiction with food and how she lost her weight. I knew that I wanted to hear more and I’m so thrilled that she is willing to share her story (in her own words) with all of us. She is such an inspiration and I hope you enjoy her testimony as much as I do. I am blessed to call her my friend!

In November of 2013, I had pictures made for my parents 50th wedding anniversary that would be that July. Little did I know that was one of the last times my parents would be able to travel to South Carolina as my mother’s autoimmune disease had taken a turn after 15yrs diagnosed.

When I got the proofs back I could not believe how I looked that day. I weighed 275lbs and was wearing a size 22 pair of jeans that had holes all throughout them but I refused to go and buy a 24. As I sat and looked at those pictures I thought I have got to do something if one day this horrible disease affects me….


Before the holidays I made two appointments to go and talk to the doctors at the clinic about weight loss surgery and canceled both of them. After years of diets and clinics on weight loss, I knew in my heart that I had all the tools that I needed to get healthy but after failing so many times over and over I just didn’t think I had it in me.

 In the fall of that year,  our church came into a sermon series called simply Prayer and Fasting during that time I also decided to attend a small group study on the very same topic. These two times of in-depth bible study brought to light to major issues I had struggled with. Number one I had an addiction an ugly sin that even out of control I had control over and was unwilling to let go of… Food Addiction. The second issue was I had not fully grasped that as believers we have power over our bodies and what we put into our bodies. I learned so much during that time not only about myself through the LORD but from people, I would not have otherwise went to for the help and guidance I needed.

One day during my journaling for the small group class I clearly heard from the LORD and the phrase that kept coming to my heart and mind was ” You are not Honoring me” over and over this was pressed upon my heart. When I fully wanted to know(read I was ready to hear in my heart what that meant) I knew the Lord meant I was not honoring HIM with my body. A former athlete’s body that I had worked so hard for in HS was now 275lbs unhealthy , unable to sleep at night, unable to walk up and down the stairs in my own home. I WAS BROKEN. How did I do this….

That very week my very best friend told me that if i would pick her up every morning at 4:45 am…YUP in the Morning when its PITCH BLACK outside she would go with me or come and workout with me– whatever I needed to get my life back…she had NO IDEA what had happened personally in my quiet with the LORD.

So we started at the YMCA in a spin class not knowing anything —-we started by setting goals for me to lose 40lbs by my 40th birthday

I gained confidence and friends and supporters and when April 8th rolled around I not only lost the 40lb but had set another goal of 10 more 20 more….see I never thought I could do the first one. ONCE I committed this to her we prayed and every morning the LORD woke me up before my alarm could…..I wanted to meal plan and make smart choices…all because I gave this to Him.

Beth Individual

Three years later I am happy to say I have lost over 100lbs and gained my life back. I have met friends through the YMCA (in various classes) and other health outlets that will be for life. I have re-connected with High School friends that are or have come through similar battles. THIS LIFE is my LIFE and it’s because of JESUS I can say HONOR HIM with your body and HE Will use your story to encourage others.

Hard work and dedication…commitment to myself, my husband and my children, was the only way I would succeed. Is every day easy? NOPE….do I still fall into the food addiction cycle when life throws me a curve ball? SURE I do but I’ve built accountability to pull me back out….It’s a daily walk and I pray that I can encourage someone else.

What is your motivation in life? Who or what keeps you going strong and making sure you live a healthy and full life? Please share your thoughts here with me!

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