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Believe me, as a mom who loves to be in the kitchen cooking yummy food, I love seasoning my meals with salt because it enhances the flavor of food. However, too much of a good thing can be devastating to your health.

The American Heart Association recommends that people should aim to eat no more than 1500 milligrams of sodium per day. Did you know that on average, Americans eat more than 3400 milligrams of sodium each day? Way too much! More than 75 percent of sodium that Americans eat doesn’t come from a salt shaker, it comes from processed foods and restaurant foods.

High levels of sodium can cause the body to not function properly. Kidneys, bones, heart, skin, and even the stomach are affected. Click here to see how salt/sodium can affect these areas in your body.

Traditional glass salt cellar and spilled salt on a wood background

There are times when I know that I’ve taken in too much salt and sometimes it’s necessary to flush that excessive sodium out of my body. Here are some signals that my body gives me:

  • I’m Sluggish
  • I’m Dehydrated
  • I’m Swollen/bloated

pouring water into glass from a bottle, on blue background

So what can you do to lower your salt intake to create a more balanced and healthy eating lifestyle?

  • Drink more water! Water helps to flush these toxins out of your body plus helps to keep your body hydrated. Make sure you are drinking at least a gallon of water everyday.
  • Eat whole and fresh food! Stay away from prepackaged and processed foods as much as possible. They are loaded with sodium in order to keep them preserved.
  • Cook your own meals! Reduce the amount of times when you go out to eat. This helps me so much because you can control what goes into your meals but you’re at the mercy of the restaurant when you go out to eat even if you are specific with your requests.

Salt is not the enemy here. We all need a small amount of sodium in our bodies and it’s pretty much EVERYWHERE! Just be aware of how much sodium you are consuming; it’s very eye opening!



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